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PATCHES: Countdown - June 8th - 06:00 GMT

From: James
Subject: PATCHES: Countdown - June 8th - 06:00 GMT
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 10:13:30 +0100
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3926 <> Enhancement Mark Polesky push Patch: Add \magnifyMusic; clarify fontSize in docs. 3938 <> Other Mark Polesky push Add `ly:undead?' to predicate list. 3935 <> Documentation Mark Polesky push Patch: Use (pretty-print) for some IR props. 3933 <> Documentation Trevor Daniels push Use \tempo in Real music example 3930 <> Ugly Thomas Morely push parenthesizing very small objects returns ugly output 3937 <> Enhancement David Kastrup push Patch: Support \once\unset 3925 <> Defect David Kastrup push lilypond -d leads to weird output 3934 <> Defect David Kastrup push Patch: \compoundMeter should change TimeSignature.stencil at Timing, not Staff level

3931 <> Enhancement hanwenn countdown Patch: Generate a .pe script for one design size at a time.

3902 <> Ugly PhilEHolmes review the position of the initial \voiceOne rest is suboptimal

3186 <> Ugly Janek Warchol waiting Positioning of "8" under clef symbol in G_8 clef Bounty Jan 26 3156 <> Enhancement Mike Solomon waiting Patch: Prevents vertical axis groups with empty skylines Feb 2013 3134 <> Enhancement Mike Solomon waiting Patch: Removes the translate_axis call from axis-group-interface outside-staff positioning. Aug 2013 2812 <> Documentation Keith Ohara waiting Renaming to distinguish keySignature from KeySignature Nov 11 2716 <> Enhancement David Kastrup waiting Patch: Implement music functions in Scheme rather than C++ Aug 2012


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