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Re: Clearify use of break-align-orders in NR A.17 Layout properties (iss

From: tdanielsmusic
Subject: Re: Clearify use of break-align-orders in NR A.17 Layout properties (issue 96650050)
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 09:36:24 +0000

On 2014/06/03 22:14:39, thomasmorley651 wrote:
I'm not sure I understand what we expect from an average user here.
Apart from A.17 Layout properties there is only one occurence of
in the NR, but without explaing why it is nessacary at all.
I doubt the user has the chance to figure that he has to override
BreakAlignment.break-align-orders, if he wants to change the order of
the items.

The whole point of this patch is linking the user to some usable
without explaining the characteristics of (make-vector ...)

If it is not acceptable to link from the description in
define-grob-properties.scm, then we _should_ link and/or explain it in
the NR.
Though, where? I think doing it in section '1.1.3 Pitches' is not
appropriate, I
feel BreakAlignment has only a loose relationship to pitches.
Maybe in '1.6 Staff notation', though, I'm not convinced either.
And our general policy is not to use overrides in NR.
Or in section '5. Changing defaults' as an example-code?

I'm a bit helpless.

First, there is no difficulty in using overrides in the NR,
but the strong preference is to do this in an included snippet
from the LSR rather than as an inline snippet.

I suggest adding a new subsubsubsection to
NR 1.6.2 Modifying single staves
which could be entitled "Modifying prefatory matter".

Then you could simply reference the snippet
"Separating key cancellations from key signature changes
from there.

That's the minimum.  The snippet could be introduced with more
inline words or the snippet itself could be elaborated, or even
new snippets created to illustrate the issue further.


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