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Issue 3942: Scale slurs and ties when using \magnifyMusic. (issue 103890

From: markpolesky
Subject: Issue 3942: Scale slurs and ties when using \magnifyMusic. (issue 103890046)
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 09:29:03 +0000

Reviewers: ,

Please review this new patch.  I'm not entirely sure this is the right
approach, so I may need some advice here.

Thank you!
- Mark

This is a (possibly misguided) attempt to get slurs and ties to scale
properly when using \magnifyMusic.  For the most part, I've just copied
the appropriate grob-properties from Slur, PhrasingSlur, and Tie, and
scaled them to the magnification value.  The results are, well, mixed.
I posted some images here:

Also, I feel that there *must* be a more elegant way of doing this, but
I can't figure it out.  Any help is appreciated.

Please review this at

Affected files (+188, -6 lines):
  A input/regression/
  A input/regression/
  M input/regression/
  A input/regression/
  M ly/

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