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Re: Make \upbow an empty command + Segmentation fault

From: Felix Janda
Subject: Re: Make \upbow an empty command + Segmentation fault
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:10:55 +0200
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Dan Eble wrote:
> I’m sorry I haven’t spent time to thoroughly understand your needs,
> but it sounds like there is a chance that something derived from this
> (which I have actually used) would help:
> stripArticulation =
> #(define-music-function
>   (parser location music) (ly:music?)
>   (music-filter
>    (lambda (m) (not (eq? (ly:music-property m 'name) 'ArticulationEvent)))
>    music))
> Rather than redefining \upbow, use \stripBowings \yourMusic to filter
> out the articulations you don’t want to see.

Thanks. It seems that after adapting it to test also for
'articulation-type one can make it strip only specific articulations.
(haven't tested)

In my acutual use case (I haven't described well enough) the score
definitions are shared between score and parts (without and with bowings)
respectively. Maybe using tags one can achieve that one of them has
bowings while the other not.

> Another approach that might work is to put the articulations in a
> different music variable attached to spacers (e.g. “s1”) and then put
> it in simultaneous music like <<\yourMusic \yourBowings>>, but I
> can’t say much about that because I don’t do it.

This should also be possible. But I'd like to keep the bowings close
to the notes. On the other hand using this approach to would be possible
to have different sets of bowings. (Each orchestra might have different


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