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Re: Issue 3942: Scale slurs and ties when using \magnifyMusic. (issue 10

From: markpolesky
Subject: Re: Issue 3942: Scale slurs and ties when using \magnifyMusic. (issue 103890046 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 09:29:45 +0000

On 2014/06/15 05:25:27, dak wrote:
It would have helped if I had written the correct command to use.  It
is, of course, \applyContext.

The documentation does not help much, but one illustrative
read/modify/write use is in scm/music-functions.scm in
add-grace-property and remove-grace-property.

Well, I finally understand this much more than before (thank you David),
but I still need someone to check my work here.  I've completely
overhauled the \magnifyMusic function, so now if the user has overridden
any default values, those adjustments will still be respected as the
size increases or decreases.

I tried to code as clearly and concisely as possible, but it ended up
longer than I imagined.  I'm wondering if I should be defining some of
the longer scheme chunks in some other file, to make the magnifyMusic
definition easier to read?

Also, my (scale-prop) procedure isn't the most generic thing around,
though I think it fits the bill for what it is.

Looking forward to getting some feedback.
- Mark

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