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Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to June 2014 (issue 108130043 by addres

From: dak
Subject: Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to June 2014 (issue 108130043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 15:36:44 +0000

Thanks for scraping the reports for this!
File Documentation/changes.tely (right):
Documentation/changes.tely:68: Improved the automatic @q{x-extent}
placement of Accidentals.
It's X-extent, and we don't list bug fixes.
Documentation/changes.tely:74: @code{\compundMeter} no longer changes
the @code{TimeSignature.stencil}
compoundMeter, and it's actually another bug fix.
Documentation/changes.tely:78: Improved the legibility of many types of
error messages that can be
That's an actual feature but I don't think it makes sense to describe it
in Changes as it is an incremental benefit but not something that will
make people create scores they could not before.
Documentation/changes.tely:83: without it creating an extra staff.
Another bug fix.  Totally longstanding, yes.  But hard to qualify in
terms of usability.

I actually would be hard put to create a sensible Changes entry if we
were to fix issue 34 in spite of it being a real nuisance.
Documentation/changes.tely:86: It is now possible to color and/or
parenthesize single dots in fret
Now *that's* a worthwhile entry.  Would it be possible to create a
visual example by consulting the regtest?
Documentation/changes.tely:90: Two new properties have been added for
use in fret-diagram-details;
Another case worth an example.
Documentation/changes.tely:96: A new command @code{\justify-line} has
been added.  Similar to the
Not sure whether it makes sense to add an example here.  Could be if one
can think of a nice snappy one.

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