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Re: Issue 4083: Implement \tagGroup command (issue 137920043 by address@

From: Mark Knoop
Subject: Re: Issue 4083: Implement \tagGroup command (issue 137920043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 09:44:57 +0100

At 10:35 on 05 Sep 2014, David Kastrup wrote:
>address@hidden writes:
>> File Documentation/notation/input.itely (left):
>> Documentation/notation/input.itely:2075: @funindex \appendToTag
>> Why are these index lines removed? The functions are still
>> documented in this section.
>They are not removed.  They are moved down to the part where the
>corresponding commands are actually explained.  Arguably it would make
>sense to split this section into more parts but in any case it does not
>make sense to let index entries be off-mark by what amounts to several
>pages and topics.

Great, thanks. Sorry I missed that.

Mark Knoop

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