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Re: Limit looping in Grob::common_refpoint (issue 4079) (issue 134600043

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Re: Limit looping in Grob::common_refpoint (issue 4079) (issue 134600043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2014 10:39:31 +0300

On Sep 7, 2014, at 9:46 PM, David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

> Mike Solomon <address@hidden> writes:
>> +1.  The only other solution I see is to check when the parental
>> relationship is being created, but this check results in a performance
>> hit.
> There is no real point in checking for a bug which one does not know how
> to recover from sensibly.
>> If someone cooked up a speedy algorithm, then I think it would be a
>> good idea to check at relationship-creation time.
> When the typical error case is that of multiple identical engravers in
> the same context, it would seem that the place to check is when adding
> engravers.

This is definitely a possibility - we’d have to set a policy that engravers 
cannot be added
multiple times.  I’m not sure of a case where you’d want to have multiple 
instances of the
same engraver.  The only thing I can imagine is someone wanting to make a custom
Scheme engraver that is added multiple times, but I’ve never seen a use case 
like this.


> -- 
> David Kastrup

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