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Re: request to add the agostini drum style to lilypond

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: request to add the agostini drum style to lilypond
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 09:25:48 +0200
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Am 18.09.2014 08:38, schrieb David Kastrup:
Frédéric Gohier <address@hidden> writes:


please find attach my proposal to add the agostini drum style

That's without any documentation or rationale.  Nobody will be able to
make use of it in this form or even discover it except by accident,
making it a dead piece of code.


you're right with what you say. But nevertheless it might be a good idea to provide the OP with a more helpful answer that will enable him to get his suggestion reviewed properly. Even if it should turn out that the proposal will *not* be included in LilyPond it may well be that Frédéric will come up with suggestions in the future. But being left with *that* comment chances are "good" he won't bother trying to improve LilyPond anymore. And that's something we shouldn't afford.

@ Frédéric:
There is a formalized way to contribute to LilyPond, which is described in the Contributor's Guide (LINKs). From your patch one can see that you have the LilyPond Git repository and know your way around that, so it would be possible to set this up.

For a single proposal you can try sending a patch to the bug-lilypond list, but this is actually not guaranteed to be processed. This will only happen if someone explicitly picks it up and handles it for you.

Therefore you should write your email in a way to convince one of the developers that it is worthwile to process the suggestion. That means it should include a description of the patch, what it does and why you think it should be included in LilyPond directly (e.g. make plausible that it's a sufficiently common use case and not a private interest only). Of course such an addition needs documentation, as David says. But it is perfectly OK to say that you'll write proper documentation when there's a kind of agreement that your addition may be included in LilyPond (but before actually submitting your patch for review).

And a final comment: if it should become clear that you won't get your addition into LilyPond you can still submit it for openlilylib ( This is a good place to make additions easily available that for some reason or another won't go into core LilyPond.


Urs Liska

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