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Re: Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to September 2014 (issue 147860043

From: dak
Subject: Re: Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to September 2014 (issue 147860043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 09:59:37 +0000
File Documentation/changes.tely (right):
Documentation/changes.tely:69: \once \override ChorName.text = #"foo"

Maybe make this @lilypond?  If you keep it "example", you'll also need
to replace { with @{ and } with @}
Documentation/changes.tely:72: @example
More like @end example
Documentation/changes.tely:75: with @code{DymanicTexts} or
I think you want all of those without the final s.  And it's DynamicText
rather than DymanicText.
Documentation/changes.tely:102: fonts other than the default Ementaler.
Emmentaler.  I'm not sure this makes sense without example or reference.
Documentation/changes.tely:106: grob can now be aligned on the
@q{center} of its parent.
Is this properly documented anywhere?  If not, it's a bit hearsay
without specifying at least that this goes via parent-alignment-X and
parent-alignment-Y (if I remember correctly).
Documentation/changes.tely:108: @item Improvements to the
@code{\partial} command have been made to
Bar checks are not a "parallel context", but since this is really more a
bug fix than anything else, I'd just remove that item rather than haggle
over its wording.
Documentation/changes.tely:113: aligned seperately rather than simply
centered against the clef glyph.
"separately", but again I think that's more a bug fix than anything
Documentation/changes.tely:120: @item Improvements made to smob
functionality. Basic smob types
Internals.  Does not belong into Changes.
Documentation/changes.tely:150: @code{Rest_collision} grobs now ignore
other grobs that do not use the
I think that's again more of a bug fix than anything else.  Basically,
it reduces the number of warnings.

I'd remove it rather than fix the spellings of the grob and interface
names ;)

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