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Paper on music engraving, LilyPond and LaTeX at GuIT meeting 2014

From: Davide Liessi
Subject: Paper on music engraving, LilyPond and LaTeX at GuIT meeting 2014
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 12:52:43 +0200

Dear all,

this summer I've been working with Tommaso Gordini on a paper titled
"LilyPond: un music engraver integrabile LaTeX" ("LilyPond: a music
engraver which can be integrated with LaTeX").

The paper, written in Italian, is composed of three parts.
In the first, we describe the peculiar traits of music printing with
respect to text printing, the main problems that the printer has to
face and an essential history of music printing.
In the second, we present LilyPond, its strong points and some brief
comparisons to other score writers.
In the last part, we describe some techniques for using LilyPond
inside LaTeX documents.

We will present the paper at the XI annual conference on TeX, LaTeX
and digital typography organized by the Italian TeX Users Group (GuIT
meeting 2014), that will be held in Verona on Saturday 18 October. [1]
(Verona is a city in northern Italy, halfway between Venice and Milan;
yes, it is the city of Romeo and Juliet.)
Participation to the meeting is free, but registration is recommended. [2]

The proceedings of the meeting, including our paper, will then be
published in ArsTeXnica, the journal of GuIT. [3]
It will be available to GuIT members in print and PDF format; the PDF
file will be freely available one year after publication.

It has been a big work for us, and we learned a lot of things while we wrote it.
We hope that the readers will enjoy our paper as much as we enjoyed
working on it.
We also hope that our paper will help other people appreciate the
subtleties of music engraving and the potentiality of LilyPond.

Best wishes to all.
Davide and Tommaso


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