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Re: Implement -dtags-to-keep and -dtags-to-remove commandline options (i

From: dak
Subject: Re: Implement -dtags-to-keep and -dtags-to-remove commandline options (issue 149650043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 08:27:48 +0000

On 2014/10/09 07:45:38, uliska wrote:
The patch works as expected.

However, it has to be noted that by default (that is, running without
option) *keeps* the tags.

Sure.  So does \keepWithTag #'() \tag hi { c4 4 4 4 } (actually, before
the existence of \tagGroup it didn't).

When I define a command and encapsulate it in a tag
this command is executed unless explicitly switched off with

Or unless you use -dtags-to-keep on a different tag.  Yes.

You can check the options with (ly:get-option '...) and set them with
(ly:set-option '...) so you have the ability to push in an implicit
\keepWithTag #'score when nothing of other relevance is specified on the
command line.

If that is not good enough, the question is how this could be made

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