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GUB update

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: GUB update
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16:57:21 +0000 (UTC)
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Keen observers will have noticed that I've not been able to keep to my 
normal schedule of LilyPond releases.  The is down to the fact that some 
of the recent patches are not compatible with the original GCC version in 
te GUB repo.  I've been working on updating this, but having problems 
getting one od its dependencies (MPFR) at the the correct revision level.  
I concluded that it might be simplest to create a new VM with an updated 
version of GUB on my build machine.  This then meant I needed to check I 
had enough disk space and discovered my stash of old builds had nearly run 
me out of hard disk.  So I've offloaded them onto a NAS drive, but I still 
need to carefully update all the versions in the GUB repo and create a new 

Added to this, I'm rehearsing for HMS Pinafore right now (performance in 
10 days) and have just had a new BMW i3 delivered, so playing with that.

I've not forgotten, and will do my best to get this sorted before I have a 
3 week holiday, which will also affect my schedule...

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