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Re: Issue 3286: add single-C time signature style (issue 164830043 by ad

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: Issue 3286: add single-C time signature style (issue 164830043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 17:19:23 -0400

> On Oct 26, 2014, at 16:21 , Joram <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The way I have been looking at it, c represents quadruple meter and ¢ 
>> represents duple.
> This is an interpretation I guessed from 4/4=c and 2/2=¢, too. But I don’t 
> think it is correct from the above mail by Simon, which I found quite 
> convincing.

He wrote, "alla breve means ‘in units of a brevis’, that is 4/2 or 2/1.”  I 
don’t see how you can conclude that he meant that ¢ always means half notes.

Simon, would you be kind enough to clarify it for us?

> I havn’t seen the double cc and ¢¢ so far. But wasn’t your style called 
> single-C?

I haven’t implemented the double-C cases yet.  If I do (I hope to) they will be 
in a style with a different name.  Part of me thinks they would be at home in 
the default style (supported by ¢¢ being used for the Schubert piece) but I am 
not sure that changing the default is a good idea.  I might add a CC style, but 
it’s not friendly to have too many choices.  I might end the equivalence of 
default and C and add the double-C cases to the C style, leaving the default as 
it is.  I’m not sure which concerns I favor.

Maybe there should be a way for the user to define a style globally; but I’m 
not into working hard for something rarely needed.  Overriding the stencil is 

> - I appreciate this work on a new time signature style.


Simon, since you’re the one who requested the feature, how well does using 
\time 2/1 with the single-C style suit your needs?  I understand that you 
originally suggested 4/2, but considering the other examples as well, would you 
be satisfied with the new style?

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