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Re: Happy 18th birthday, LilyPond

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Happy 18th birthday, LilyPond
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 11:43:59 +0100
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Francisco Vila <address@hidden> writes:

> Sorry for the cross-posting. Just a short note to say LIlyPond is 18
> since october if our git history is true.
> Congrats to all for using/developing/maintaining/enjoying this great
> piece of software.

git log --all --date-order --reverse

starts with the following here:

commit 0ff96d5d41379dbb968507fd848642da518dc50b
Author: fred <fred>
Date:   Tue Jul 18 00:23:16 1995 +0000


commit 93d1d90d4645fc0f64ae310e0df224f00228ee78
Author: fred <fred>
Date:   Thu Sep 21 11:20:44 1995 +0000


commit c369b62fc955f44df7464709d9b8ccd6eaf5b112
Author: fred <fred>
Date:   Wed Sep 27 00:42:09 1995 +0000


commit f3e3a164f40ca6f48261a23c7d4f8036ba9c8e79
Author: fred <fred>
Date:   Wed Sep 27 00:55:11 1995 +0000


commit 269f694c15d9d7eee4d6a9cb74ad3b46a29a0555
Author: fred <fred>
Date:   Wed Sep 27 20:14:38 1995 +0000


So it's more like 19 since July for (work on?) version 1.0.1 though our
git history seems rather messed up.  Just out of interest: where did you
get that 18-year number?

David Kastrup

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