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Re: make doc, problem with bibtex

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: make doc, problem with bibtex
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 12:18:35 +0100
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Federico Bruni <address@hidden> writes:

> 'make doc' is returning the error below, can you help me?
> make[2]: Entering directory '/home/fede/lilypond-git/Documentation'
> BSTINPUTS=./essay /home/fede/lilypond-git/scripts/build/out/bib2texi \
> -s /home/fede/lilypond-git/Documentation/lily-bib \
> -o ./out-www/colorado.itexi \
> -q \
> ./essay/colorado.bib
> bibtex: Not writing to /home/fede/.cache/tmpzYBXQHbib2texi.blg
> (openout_any = p).

  9. TeX can write output files, via the '\openout' primitive; this
     opens a security hole vulnerable to Trojan horse attack: an
     unwitting user could run a TeX program that overwrites, say,
     '~/.rhosts'.  Analogous security holes exist for many other
     programs.  To alleviate this, there is a configuration variable
     'openout_any', which selects one of three levels of security.  When
     it is set to 'a' (for "any"), no restrictions are imposed.  When it
     is set to 'r' (for "restricted"), filenames beginning with '.' are
     disallowed (except '.tex' because LaTeX needs it).  When it is set
     to 'p' (for "paranoid") additional restrictions are imposed: an
     absolute filename must refer to a file in (a subdirectory) of
     'TEXMFOUTPUT', and any attempt to go up a directory level is
     forbidden (that is, paths may not contain a '..' component).  The
     paranoid setting is the default.  (For backwards compatibility, 'y'
     and '1' are synonyms of 'a', while 'n' and '0' are synonyms for
     'r'.)  The function 'kpathsea_out_name_ok', with a filename as
     second argument, returns 'true' if that filename is acceptable to
     be opend for output or 'false' otherwise.

> Probably not related, but some days ago I changed default TMPDIR
> (/tmp) to save some space on / partition:
> $ echo $TMPDIR
> /home/fede/.cache

It looks to me like .cache starts with a dot...

David Kastrup

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