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Re: Add chord range to make-part-combine-music (issue 144170043 by nine.

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Add chord range to make-part-combine-music (issue 144170043 by nine.fierce.ballads <at>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 04:23:51 +0000 (UTC)
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 <dak <at>> writes:
> On 2014/10/31 22:50:35, Dan Eble wrote:
> > One thing just occurred to me.  If this option is going into the UI,
> do you
> > think the numbers should be 1-based for easier comprehension by
> musicians?  

> As a UI, numbers instead of intervals (possibly represented only by a
> pitch in relation to c' like \transposition does) do not make much
> sense.

I may be having trouble with the negative sentence construction, but
if you mean that
  \partcombine <d' c''> {} {}
would be the intuitive way to indicate seconds through octave may be
be combined into chords, then I disagree.  Or, maybe you were joking.

Numbers are very good for representing intervals; we use numerical
names to represent them.  Numbers are also good for representing
differences in staff-position as well.  Either 1-based or 0-based
should be fine, if the docs consistently speak in terms of intervals
of the chords, or in terms of the graphical separation between noteheads,

> Regarding such user interface extensions, I think we should rather go in
> the direction of
> <URL:>.
> Using context modifications makes it reasonably straightforward to add
> arbitrary named settings in arbitrary order on demand.

Well, the currently-proposed patch at your link uses optional
arguments to \partcombine, which would also be appropriate here
for the chord-range, and later for 'no-solo.  If that is the 
direction you mean, we all agree:  optional input argument #'(2 . 8)

If you mean to use context properties, they cannot be context 
properties of the output Voices because those are not created when
the chord-range needs to have its effect.  they cannot be
properties of the temporary Voices for the same reasons that idea
failed for the interface to force part-combine decisions.

Generally issue 1321 concerns how the voices output from partcombine
are set on the staff, so it should not change the input interface to
partcombine at all.

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