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LilyPond parser as standalone

From: s9vahahn
Subject: LilyPond parser as standalone
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 15:29:40 +0100
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i have a question concerning the parser of LilyPond. I would like to use it as standalone, so I can do some analysis on its AST representation (i.e. the music expression tree):

From the received AST I would like to read out all notation relevant data e.g. notes, durations, beginnings and endings of slurs, articulations, dynamics, etc. in order to do some analysis on this data.

The analysis is something like "find all exact repetitions of notes of length 5". Then I would like to adapt the AST, i.e. change note durations etc., and to serialize the modified AST back into LilyPond.

Since I do not know scheme and the documentation of the parser and its code are quite limited I just want to know whether it is easy to use the parser in a standalone analysis or whether the music expression or context tree is not suited for such a procedure?


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