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Re: Added recorder diagram (issue 153380043 by address@hidden)

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Added recorder diagram (issue 153380043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 20:58:45 +0000

I'm not comfortable pushing this, there were some things on the original

(after which I offered to help move a patch through the list) that I am
simply not qualified to say if it is still OK to push or still needs
some work (considering there are probably some other issues with
Woodwind Diagrams in general that these may or may not relate too in the
LilyPond Code).

From the original email by Erik:


attached is a recorder diagram patch, would love for feedback and for
it to be incorporated.  hopefully it's ok it's not actually in patch
format, it just drops into display-woodwind-diagrams.scm (of course a
corresponding entry needs to be added to
woodwind-data-assembly-instructions in that file as well).

my biggest problems:

- 1h (half-covered) works for eg 'flute two', but on my recorder thumb
(T) it doesn't work -- it just shows fully covered.

- why are partial covers shown as shaded, then there is no distinction
w/trills (ie 1h and 1hT are identical)?

i don't know scheme, so i was mainly pattern-matching from existing
diagrams.  some issues i had while trying to figure this out:

- what is the purpose of the baked-in cc/lh/rh grouping?

- i can't find doc for draw-instructions rules -- seems to determine
whether keys are hidden unless specified -- i didn't want that
behavior, but was stuck unexpectedly getting it for a while.

- difference between identity and return-1 -- they sound identical to
me (when xy-scaling), but gave different results.

- the style used encourages a lot of duplicated code -- it needs to be
refactored so that keys are defined as simple declarative structures
(with properties like name, group, position, complexity, stencil,
textual-representation) and graphical/textual-commands derived

- similarly, key positions should be described in relative terms --
most stuff is absolute w/brittle hardcoding.

- explicit support for when there is no text-override (key name
instead of graphical stencil) available.  i tripped across a
previously reported bug that doesn't seem to have made it to the issue
list even though it's a crash:

  \markup \override #'(graphical . #f) {

C:/Program Files
diagrams.scm:1977:20: In procedure = in expression (= 0 (assoc-get node
C:/Program Files
diagrams.scm:1977:20: Wrong type: #f

also broken for saxophone (a different error tho), but works for
for tin-whistle, seems to be from use of CENTRAL-COLUMN-HOLE-H-LIST

- when using \override #'(graphical . #f) (is there a way to call this
"textual"?) with an empty keylist, should show all possible text
stencils (as it currently does for graphical).  also, how are partial
coverings/trills handled in this case?

- would be nice if i didn't have to edit display-woodwind-diagrams.scm
and instead could just \include my raw .scm file from a .ly file.



I am attaching the patch (and related files) to the ticket

 based on current master as of now, it probably at least needs adding to
the various other files like the couple of snippets that exist showing
them (trivial) but there are some other 'woodwind' files in the main
code that may also need adjusting like 'define-woodwind-diagrams.scm'
for instance.

I am setting this ticket back from push to review. But if I get nothing
back at all, I will set it back to 'Needs_work'

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