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Re: Compound time signature style

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: Compound time signature style
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 18:37:30 -0500

On Nov 6, 2014, at 08:46 , David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:
> I lean towards not consulting the style here.  \compoundMeter to me
> feels like it should just be numeric.
> Of course, to allow for full laziness, it might make sense to interpret
>    \compoundMeter #'(4 . 4)
> properly as 4/4 then because one can then cheat one's way around writing
>    \compoundMeter 4/4
> for a numeric time signature.

My gut feeling is that formatting a compound meter should encompass formatting 
a simple meter, and I’ve been trying to understand where to draw the line.

If both \compoundMeter #(2 3 8) and \compoundMeter 4/4 could be made to work, 
why bother keeping both \compoundMeter and \time?  Why not just let \time do 
all the work?

(I’m not proposing that I combine these commands, but that I leave the code in 
a state from which it is easier to move later.)


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