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Re: Doc: NR section 3.5.x MIDI file creation tidy up (issue 120480043 by

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Doc: NR section 3.5.x MIDI file creation tidy up (issue 120480043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 11:24:20 +0000

On 2014/10/26 22:00:14, Trevor Daniels wrote:
I still have a couple of difficulties with this.  It is very difficult
to see
what articulations are represented in basic Midi output and what are
not.  Clear
lists are needed, ideally quite early rather than buried in the
detail.  And
information about the articulate script should not be placed in the
middle of
sections describing basic LilyPond features.  The articulate script is
optional add-on, and needs to be kept quite separate from the basic
facilities and features so users not including the articulate script
most of them) are not confused by it.  Both these changes can be
achieved quite
easily and then your patch would be a great improvement!


Yes I agree. In fact the whole reason for me starting this task and it
slightly getting out of hand in terms of the amount of changes, was
because I realised we needed to re-organize this and unpick the
articulate information out of the main 'default MIDI' explanation. The
goal with regard to articulate was to inlclude the 'lists' in the ly
file itself (i.e. it is its own documentation).

Heikki has helped improve the distinctions in the last few rounds of
patch reviews (for which I am very grateful), and it seems that we are
very nearly there.

I had attempted to make the articulate script its own section, but ar
first it seemed reasonable to include it as part of the 'improving
output' sections - I expect most users that want to go beyond the basic
MIDI are going to use \articulate before they start to much about with
contexts (at least those that are not easily done and are already
documented) so the \articulate command was in my mind anyway, no
different from having functions and variables in the Midi block itself.

Still I think we could, if desired, lift the whole articulate section
out and move it.  That's not a big deal. But I need those that know more
than I to check that - assume that, for instance, we were going to
remove articulate from the NR completely and what was left only applied
to the LP default settings.

If that works here, then we probably just need to move the section
somewhere else within this chapter.

File Documentation/notation/input.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/input.itely:2828: @ref{MIDI instruments},
otherwise Grand
Piano (@code{acoustic grand})
refs should always be placed at the end of a sentence. (See CG 5.4.7)

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