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Re: Erroneus error message or what?

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Erroneus error message or what?
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 13:09:29 +0100 (CET)

> Because I must consider it a considerable bug, that the Lilypond
> build system reports an error, where not even a warning is really
> explicable.  Returning a wrong errorlevel in the middle of a build
> process should never happen...

Well, the rejection of newer FontForge versions *is* founded!  For
example, I've just tried to compile lilypond with the current git
version of fontforge, and I get *zillions* of fontforge error messages

  Internal Error (overlap) in timesig.C44:
    Winding number did not return to 0 when x=415.356
  Internal Error (overlap) in scripts.reverseturn:
    Fixup error 2 in MergeIntersections.
  Internal Error (overlap) in clefs.G:
    monotonic is both needed and unneeded
    (350.004,1194.21)->(363.013,1189.42). y=1190.08 (prev=370.968)

while processing lilypond's music fonts.

In most cases those errors are serious, making the glyphs unusable.

While the fontforge development team tries to improve the GUI and
usability, which is a noble goal, they completely fail to restore the
robust overlap removal code as present in 20120731.  George Williams's
heritage is quite heavy, since his code is hard to understand...

My conclusion: We have to stay with fontforge 20120731 to get working
lilypond fonts.


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