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Web: Essay - Add Elaine Gould's book Behind Bars (issue 187860043 by add

From: Villum Sejersen
Subject: Web: Essay - Add Elaine Gould's book Behind Bars (issue 187860043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 17:06:38 +0100
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Hello Trevor and whoever took the trouble to write thge entry (I simply
can't find the name anywhere)

Yes. concise enough. Personally, although I don't like 'The
definitive...'; 'An exhaustive...' is much more to my liking.

I am still hoping for Han-Wen and Jan sometime to comment the book
somewhere... :) Elaine Gould's book and the Lilypond project were
commenced around the same time! I do sincerely believe that many of
Eleanor Gould's recommendations and her don'ts are already met by
Lilypond, even in the default configurations! Not to mention by the many
power users, whose skills ever astound me.

What about adding a reference to the german translation (2014)? It is
not that often reference works are translated so early after the
publication of the original, so I think it ought to be mentioned.

Villum Sejersen
Nørregade  1 A
DK-4500  Nykøbing Sjælland
mobil   +45   30 34  03 44

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