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Re: Font switching docs - add a font to LilyPond?

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: Font switching docs - add a font to LilyPond?
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:38:06 +0000
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On 15/12/14 11:24, Urs Liska wrote:
> Hi all,
> Abraham has sent me documentation for his recent font switch improvement
> to incorporate into LilyPond's manuals.
> However, there is one issue I'd like to sort out before I start editing
> the .itely files.
> Of course the documentation gives an example of the use of the new font
> selection function. But this will require the used font(s) to be
> installed on the build system because otherwise the build will fail.
> I see the following ways to deal with that situation and would like to
> get your opinion about it.
> 1)
> work around that by *not* providing a working (i.e. autocompiling) example.
> That could mean providing a listing and a static image.
> 2)
> work around that by only linking to and a working
> example there.
> 3)
> Make at least one additional font a requirement for the build system.
> 4)
> Include at least one additional font into LilyPond's distribution and
> use that for the example.
> I don't like 1) and 2) at all!
> 3) would be OK, but I don't have a clue how that would have to be done.
> 4) would  be my favourite, and I'd suggest LilyJAZZ for that (as it's
> the most obviously different font with the most obvious use case as an
> alternative).
> The problem I see with that is that the alternative fonts are not
> available as source code so we'd have to include the binary files. I
> don't think that's a licensing issue but of course it could become an
> issue of maintenance some day (if Emmentaler should introduce
> incompatible changes).
> So I would prefer going for 4), but I don't know how to do that.
> Obviously the files would have to be added to the repository and at some
> step during the build process be copied to the font directories.
> What do you think?

This is a 'patch abandoned'. Take a look here and see if this is
something you can work with.


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