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Re: Doc: NR section 3.5.x MIDI file creation tidy up (issue 120480043 by

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Doc: NR section 3.5.x MIDI file creation tidy up (issue 120480043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:31:51 +0000
File Documentation/notation/input.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/input.itely:2674: * Controlling MIDI dynamics::
On 2014/12/28 23:40:30, Trevor Daniels wrote:
I would put these in the order:
   The MIDI block
   Controlling MIDI dynamics
   MIDI instruments (taken from Enhancing MIDI output)
   Using repeats with MIDI
   Enhancing MIDI output (just the articulate script)

Documentation/notation/input.itely:2732: accent, marcato and portato.
On 2014/12/28 23:40:29, Trevor Daniels wrote:
We need a proper list here showing clearly what is supported, so users
new to
midi output can see at the outset what it can do for them.  I asked
for this
early in October ("The clear statement currently shown in NR 3.5.3
should be
reinstated somehow, and reflected accurately in the text.") but I
don't see it
anywhere yet.  The basic facilities can then be compared with the
provided by the articulate script to see if that is going to be

See reply to comment for previous RFC at line 2912
Documentation/notation/input.itely:2846: @rinternals{Dynamic_performer}.
On 2014/12/28 23:40:30, Trevor Daniels wrote:
I don't think we need this reference here.

Documentation/notation/input.itely:2856: these should be        entered in a
@code{Staff} (not @code{DrumStaff}) context
On 2014/12/28 23:40:30, Trevor Daniels wrote:
There seems to be a character that is not a space between "be" and

Documentation/notation/input.itely:2912: @item Chords that are
@emph{not} entered as chord names.
On 2014/12/28 23:40:29, Trevor Daniels wrote:
Why is this basic information hidden in the articulate script and what
does this
item mean?  Chords entered as notes _are_ supported.  Consider a user
who wanted
microtonal chords.  It says earlier microtones need a player that
supports them.
  Ok, he says, I have that.  Having tried to make it work for hours he
now finds,
buried in a @knownissues in a script he is not using, that microtonal
chords are
not supported.  How is that an improvement to the documentation?  What
do you
have against the clear lists in NR 3.5.3 presented at the top of the
section?  Why do you keep trying to suppress it with inaccurate and
information distributed in several places?

I don't keep trying to suppress anything. As to inaccurate and
incomplete, I think you will find that one had to go hunting to get all
the correct information together in the first place. It was *already*
'inaccurate and incomplete' before I started this patch.

Not all users use, so the point was to list that what is
'not supported without' in the section that has nothing to
do with and to list that which 'is supported with the
articulate script' IN the articulate script where *already* seemed to be
documenting this kind of thing in the first place.

What was existing before this patch was a mish-mash of both and what was
in the script seemed to also be severely outdated or
needed finer points made based on recent checkins.

If these lists are all wanted in one place then fine - pick a place -
but at least it has to be clear of which features won't appear in your
MIDI output if you don't use and then that either means
you list that all at the beginning or the end (where we have the
articulate script information located).

I was merely following the apparent convention of what worked in
articulate was listed (with all the other previous things before me) in
the articulate file itself.

Why duplicate that list in two places, as it makes it difficult to
maintain does it not?

Also there seemed to be a 'want' to list what does work which I cannot
understand; as my personal preference for 'lists' like this is that
assume it ALL works unless it is listed that it does not work. Listing
things that both do and don't work again seemed overkill and what if
something isn't listed? Does it work, or doesn't it?

From a cursory look, I felt that saying what worked was simply

That was all.

I am happy to do whatever the rest wants.

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