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Re: thinking twice about the new issue tracker

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: thinking twice about the new issue tracker
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 11:15:18 +0200

Il giorno mer 2 set 2015 alle 10:09, Urs Liska <address@hidden> ha scritto:

Am 2. September 2015 07:30:09 MESZ, schrieb Federico Bruni <address@hidden>:
Hi folks

I know that a lot of time has been invested on Allura, especially by
So I feel uneasy in writing this email, but I have the feeling that the

costraint didn't help to make the best decision for the new issue

Allura doesn't seem a software which is going to have many users: poor
interface, impenetrable documentation (as Phil defined it and I agree). At the same time, the interim solution (hosting on Sourceforge) has the


Ok, but this is a temporary problem, isn't it?

Yes, but I was thinking about using an interim solution for some months to have some more time to evaluate the self-hosted solutions. Sourceforge would not be the best interim solution.

And Allura can import from Github, I think.

What if we take some time to evaluate other alternatives and in the
we use Bitbucket or Github? Not Free services, I know, but at least
business model seems honest.
Any issue tracker will be able to import from Github/Bitbucket, as
these are
the most used services nowadays.

I tested the Google Code Issue Exporter on a private repository on
and it seems to work fine. Very quick, because the attachments are just
linked: you see the image inline in the issue, but the actual file is
in the bitbucket database, it's a link to As
long as
Google doesn't delete these files in the future, this should be fine.

Regarding the alternatives, I found Gogs, which seems really promising:

But this doesn't change the https issue.

I'm not concerned about the https issue. I'm concerned about the Allura usability and the work on the API/patchy stuff which Phil started recently.

The user interface is very similar to github. See for example:

The problem is that migrating from Github/Bitbucket is not currently

What about importing from the current *SF) Allura solution?


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