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Re: Implement new markup-command combine-list (issue 264960043 by addres

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Implement new markup-command combine-list (issue 264960043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2015 06:29:07 +0000

On 2015/08/31 10:27:04, dak wrote:

Ok, I've taken a look.  Markups are so undelimited in their nature
that there is
not much of an option other than convert-ly actually knowing all
markup commands
with their signatures.  That's doable but rather onerous.  In
musicxml2ly uses the \combine command as well.

So we are likely better off with a new command name.  "\combines"
would also be
a possibility but is probably too cute/confusing/unhyphenated.  Now if
basically phase out \combine and replace most of its uses manually, it
become an option just to use some _unrelated_ word.

Like \superimpose or \overlay or \collect or something other nice.  Or
just keep
the bikeshed in the originally proposed color.

Thanks for your time looking into a possible convert-rule.

I'm really tempted to delete old \combine and fixing all occurences in
our source.
Would it be an option to do a convert-rule outputting "Not smart enough
to ..."? for a combine-command without a markup-list as argument?
I seem to remember something like that has been done before.

If that's not feasible or wanted, I'd prefer \combine-list, because it's
descriptive (in a technical way) or \overlay, because there is a
LSR-snippet providing the functionality already and some users may be
used to it.

What do people think?

I suggest to let this one on REVIEW for another circle

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