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Re: Google-to-Allura port adds brackets around rests

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Google-to-Allura port adds brackets around rests
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 12:37:22 +0100

Simon Albrecht wrote Monday, September 07, 2015 11:28 PM
>> Am 08.09.2015 um 00:23 schrieb Trevor Daniels:
>> Simon Albrecht wrote Monday, September 07, 2015 7:16 PM
>>> Am 07.09.2015 um 20:09 schrieb Dan Eble:
>>>> Compare
>>>> <>
>>>> The latter has square brackets around rests, e.g. “[r4]” instead of “r4”.
>>> Oh shoot! That’s not a problem with the port, but it has been a problem
>>> with Google adding a link to
>>> <>, which in the
>>> source for Allura markdown reads
>>> "[r4]<>".
>>> But I imagine it shouldn’t be too complicated to make a script to
>>> convert [r4] into r4 and similar with different durations. One
>>> complication is that R1 has been converted into [r1]…
>> I don't understand what the url links in GC were supposed to do, but
>> whatever it was they are broken now.  I've never seen links attached
>> to rests before, so I think this is a one-off, probably caused by pasting
>> text from elsewhere.  In which case it's probably easiest to simply
>> edit this issue manually.
> Unfortunately no: Every single instance in the Google code DB of "r" or 
> "R" followed by a number is equipped with such a link – which has always 
> been taken as an oddity and ignored. That’s why I talked about scripts… 
> – though I’m not quite sure how and when such a script might be applied; 
> probably upon migrating to the Savannah server.

Ah, I see.  I guess I'd not noticed this before.

It would be relatively easy to remove the square brackets by editing the
JSON file, but restoring the R's which have been changed to r's is harder.
It would mean comparing the text with the original GC issue.  Maybe
doable, but free text and Lily code is not trivial to parse.  In the JSON
file downloaded from GC the text that appears as urls is not in any way
annotated  -  they are just plain r's and R's.  So there is nothing easy to 
search for.


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