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Re: compiling on Debian on an ARMv7

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: compiling on Debian on an ARMv7
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2015 19:04:34 +0200
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> I getting used to the BeagleBone Black, so I though I'd try compiling
> Lilypond.  It runs Debian, but on an ARM. LilyPond hasn't provided a
> precompiled binary for ARM for a decade.

The GNU Guix project is providing binary substitutes for Lilypond for
four systems (armhf, mips64el, i686, x86_64).  We are building the
latest unstable release on, and you can take a look at the
latest build for armhf here:

Installation only requires

    guix package -i lilypond

Building it locally is possible by disabling binary substitutes:

    guix build --no-substitutes lilypond

For a development environment containing all dependencies to build
Lilypond you could run:

    guix environment lilypond

This creates a sub-shell in which all dependencies are available.

As Guix can be used on top of another distribution, this probably also
works on the BeagleBone Black running Debian.

~~ Ricardo

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