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Patchy email

From: phileholmes
Subject: Patchy email
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 14:48:49 +0100
User-agent: Patchy - LilyPond autobuild

13:48:07 (UTC) Begin LilyPond compile, previous commit at       
13:48:30 Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address 
'' to the list of known hosts.
>From ssh://
   ae17151..e860e14  master     -> origin/master
   c284000..8617401  release/unstable -> origin/release/unstable
   ae17151..626874c  staging    -> origin/staging
   dc612d0..192b0ee  translation -> origin/translation
>From ssh://
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.19-1 -> release/2.19.19-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.20-1 -> release/2.19.20-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.21-1 -> release/2.19.21-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.22-1 -> release/2.19.22-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.23-1 -> release/2.19.23-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.24-1 -> release/2.19.24-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.25-1 -> release/2.19.25-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.26-1 -> release/2.19.26-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.27-1 -> release/2.19.27-1
 * [new tag]         release/2.19.28-1 -> release/2.19.28-1
13:48:37 Merged staging, now at:        626874c8eecfbeb04ca8ffec3fb78da48859b42f
13:48:39        Success:                ./ --noconfigure
13:48:49 *** FAILED BUILD ***
        /home/patchy/patchybuild/autobuild/configure --disable-optimising
        Previous good commit:   ae17151de4ab4d007bc8683d506ed670c06379cb
        Current broken commit:  626874c8eecfbeb04ca8ffec3fb78da48859b42f
13:48:49 *** FAILED STEP ***
        merge from staging
        Failed runner: /home/patchy/patchybuild/autobuild/configure 
See the log file log-staging-configure.txt
13:48:49 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/patchy/lilypond-extra/patches/compile_lilypond_test/", 
line 527, in handle_staging
    self.configure (issue_id)
  File "/home/patchy/lilypond-extra/patches/compile_lilypond_test/", 
line 300, in configure
    issue_id, "configure", env=dict (config.items ("configure_environment")))
  File "/home/patchy/lilypond-extra/patches/compile_lilypond_test/", 
line 266, in runner
    raise FailedCommand ("Failed runner: %s\nSee the log file %s" % (command, 
FailedCommand: Failed runner: /home/patchy/patchybuild/autobuild/configure 
See the log file log-staging-configure.txt

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