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Re: multiple TextSpanners per voice

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: multiple TextSpanners per voice
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 12:44:05 -0400


I'd like to add that I'm *incredibly* excited by this work. The ability to
have multiple text spanners in a voice -- and to tweak each independently
-- is something I've wanted in LilyPond for many years. (I responded to a
different thread about this a touch too early only moments ago; apologies,
catching up on list mail.) This is really incredibly exciting to me, and I
think it will be to very many other composers once the ability is made
clear in a public release (and in the docs).

For what it's worth, I'd very much like to request the promotion of this
work to a fully acknowledged new feature (respecting, of course, the needs
of feature sequencing in the release process).

I'm not quite sure what the best (user) interface for this is. I suppose
\startTextSpan[One|Two|Three|Four] will work. Though it seems like
\startTextSpan #1 or \startTextSpan #"fancy-spanner-name" would be a more
complete generalization of the feature.

Regardless of the user interface, this work is important. Please consider
elevating the change to a full feature (with a NEWS entry and a graphic
example or two) with user syntax that is as streamlined and clear as
possible. I think we will be surprised at the amount of uptake among many

Thanks so much for this, David.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 10:09 AM, David Nalesnik <address@hidden>

> Ok, this should do it.
> The intention is to provide extra functionality to text spanners.  By
> using this code, you have all the functionality of normal text spanners,
> but you are able to have multiple spanners per voice.
> You simply need to swap the regular engraver for this one in a layout
> block, and use the commands I've defined: \startTextSpanOne, and the like.
>  (You can change the names, of course, and add more.  This is crying out
> for a better interface, I know,)
> Regarding difficulties mentioned earlier in the thread:
> The spanners should nest properly and maintain their orientation across
> line breaks.  Here this is achieved by assigning minute variations of
> outside-staff-priority behind the scenes.  (Turns out you can use
> outside-staff-priorities like 350.0001 ....) You can still override and
> tweak outside-staff-priority of TextSpanner if you want.
> I believe that this manipulation may be avoided by inventing a new
> alignment grob "to bind them all." but I'm not sure.  Since the attached
> seems sufficient, this could wait until time came (if ever) to add this to
> the code base.
> DN
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