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Re: My finances for working on LilyPond

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: My finances for working on LilyPond
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2015 18:48:05 +0100
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Simon Albrecht <address@hidden> writes:

> On 22.10.2015 19:21, David Kastrup wrote:
>> As you all know, my sole source of income are donations from happy
>> LilyPond users.  It would appear that LilyPond users have stopped being
>> happy with my work.
> You must know that this is not the case. I should be much surprised if
> I were the only one to appreciate the highly complicated work you do,
> of which the results sometimes are hard to grasp in their immediate
> effect. But that does not diminish their value for the project at all,
> and unless I’m much mistaken nobody currently working on LilyPond
> could rival your understanding of the internals and your ability to
> fix them.

Sounds like a liability more than an asset.  I do hope that I am moving
in a direction where acquiring such understanding will become easier but
the movement is slow as molasses.

In the backend area, I think that of the active programmers, Keith
O'Hara still has a better grasp of what is going on.  Particularly with
regard of weird dependencies so I am aiming to annihilate his advantage
in the long run by getting rid of the need for dealing with weird
dependencies manually.  Cheating, I know.

Dan has been taking up a number of C++ issues recently and also worked
on moving things to more mainstream C++.  David Nalesnik has been doing
impressive things using Scheme alone, and Thomas Morley's contributions
are not to be sneezed at either.  I am glad that there is a bit more
volume of work actually happening since, "understanding of the
internals" or not, solving individual problems is still taking a lot of
time and I am not particularly productive in that area.  Probably
age-related as I've passed 50.

> I do not think one can construe a link between the work you do and the
> sudden (?) decrease of funding;

I don't think it would be sudden.  It's been over a year since I started
procrastinating about even taking a look at my finances and/or writing
about them.  I haven't yet looked further backward yet, but the Paypal
account, usually responsible for a third or so of contributions, has
been pretty dry for at least half a year or so when making small

Of course, I'll still have to face the music eventually, but the total
level of my bank account is roughly 4000 down from what I remember about
a year or so ago.  And I actually sold off one accordion in that time.

> indeed, you continue to make quite impressive and important changes.
> I have taken so much profit from your work that it’s about time I gave
> something back. It can’t be as much as I’d certainly like to give, but
> if I don’t remain the only one to take part, it will make a
> difference. Please tell me (privately, I assume) where to direct the
> support. (You probably know that I live in Germany.)

Via separate mail.  Thanks

David Kastrup

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