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Tidying-up the Issues DB

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Tidying-up the Issues DB
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:29:24 -0000

Devs, Bug Squad:

Many of the Issues with Status:Started are no longer active, with many not 
seeing any change for several years.  Following the move of the Issues DB from 
GC to SF many of the original owners of these Started Issues have not 
re-registered at SF; indeed many are no longer active on the devel list, and it 
seems inconsistent for these issues to have a status of Started when they have 
no Owner.  I'd like to tidy up this situation by reverting these issues to 
Status:Accepted so they become more obviously available for someone else to 
select for further work by appearing in the Open (Accepted) list.

To this end I've already reassigned those not seeing any action for over 3 
years.  Unless I hear objections I'll continue reassigning more recently 
moribund issues until the Open (Begun) and Open (Patch) lists reflect more 
closely the issues actually under active consideration.



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