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Re: Snippet 706: Generating custom flags

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Snippet 706: Generating custom flags
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 10:05:52 +0100
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Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> writes:

>> To use LuaTeX, I've tried following command.
>> $ PDFTEX=luatex PDFLATEX=lualatex make -j 16 CPU_COUNT=16 LANGS='' doc
>> Then, it shows the following error.
>> ```
>> ./18/lily-10433670.texidoc:3: Undefined control sequence.
>> l.3 ...on, which assigns the symbols *, †, ‡, §
>>                                                    and ¶ to
>> ```
>> If I understand correctly,
>> it seems that LuaTeX with texinfo.tex can not handle the following letters.
> This is a bug (most probably in luatex) which I've meanwhile reported
> to the texinfo team.  Maybe they can fix it easily with a modification
> of `texinfo.tex' – a long-term fix in luatex doesn't help us right
> now.
> Until then, we might replace `§' and `¶' (the latter character also
> fails with luatex), with the commands address@hidden' and address@hidden', 
> respectively.
> Patch appended.

Any words on XeTeX?  I consider it likely that texinfo.tex is not
prepared to deal with any non-8bit-engine.  If that's the case, XeTeX
would likely be similarly affected.

David Kastrup

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