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Document all outside-staff-priority values; neaten table (issue 28058004

From: PhilEHolmes
Subject: Document all outside-staff-priority values; neaten table (issue 280580043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2016 12:43:41 +0000

Reviewers: ,

Please review.

Follows on from a question on -user.  There aren't that many values of
outside-staff-priority, so it seems easiest to list them all if we're
going to list most.  The adjustments to the column widths get rid of
unnecessary line wrapping.

Please review.

Please review this at

Affected files (+26, -5 lines):
  M Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely

Index: Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely b/Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely index d5d5951b1255d811a58b441252088d33ebba2bc3..b8e193b09099a93c46897186d3aef8d1b3c2d6e5 100644
--- a/Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely
+++ b/Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely
@@ -2179,7 +2179,7 @@ change @code{outside-staff-priority} of the associated
 placed at the start of the spanner, which might include several
 linked hairpins and dynamics.

address@hidden @columnfractions .3 .3 .3
address@hidden @columnfractions .3 .15 .45
 @headitem Layout Object
   @tab Priority
   @tab Controls position of:
@@ -2189,15 +2189,33 @@ linked hairpins and dynamics.
 @item @code{MetronomeMark}
   @tab @code{1000}
   @tab Metronome marks
address@hidden @code{SostenutoPedalLineSpanner}
+  @tab @code{1000}
+  @tab Pedal indication
address@hidden @code{SustainPedalLineSpanner}
+  @tab @code{1000}
+  @tab
address@hidden @code{UnaCordaPedalLineSpanner}
+  @tab @code{1000}
+  @tab
address@hidden @code{MeasureCounter}
+  @tab @code{750}
+  @tab Measure number
 @item @code{VoltaBracketSpanner}
   @tab @code{600}
   @tab Volta brackets
address@hidden @code{InstrumentSwitch}
+  @tab @code{500}
+  @tab Instrument switch text
 @item @code{TextScript}
   @tab @code{450}
   @tab Markup text
 @item @code{MultiMeasureRestText}
   @tab @code{450}
-  @tab Markup text over full-bar rests
+  @tab Markup text over multimeasure rests
address@hidden @code{CombineTextScript}
+  @tab @code{450}
+  @tab Part-combine text
 @item @code{OttavaBracket}
   @tab @code{400}
   @tab Ottava brackets
@@ -2208,11 +2226,14 @@ linked hairpins and dynamics.
   @tab @code{250}
   @tab All dynamic markings
 @item @code{BarNumber}
-  @tab @code{ 100}
+  @tab @code{100}
   @tab Bar numbers
 @item @code{TrillSpanner}
   @tab @code{50}
   @tab Spanning trills
address@hidden @code{AccidentalSuggestion}
+  @tab @code{0}
+  @tab Annotational accidentals
 @end multitable

 Here is an example showing the default placement of some of
@@ -2271,8 +2292,8 @@ If the default values of @code{outside-staff-priority} do not give you
 the placing you want, the priority of any of the objects may be
 overridden.  Suppose we would like the ottava bracket to be placed
 below the text spanner in the example above.  All we need to do is to
-look up the priority of @code{OttavaBracket} in the IR or in the
-tables above, and reduce it to a value lower than that of a
+look up the priority of @code{OttavaBracket} in the
+table above, and reduce it to a value lower than that of a
 @code{TextSpanner}, remembering that @code{OttavaBracket} is created
 in the @code{Staff} context:

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