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OpenType Features

From: Jay Anderson
Subject: OpenType Features
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 09:59:57 -0700

I'm interested in seeing what it would take to add OpenType features
-- specifically old style number figures (onum) and small caps (smcp).

First issue: It appears that lilypond is dependent on pango 1.6
(pangoft2 - required 1.6.0, INSTALL.txt says pango 1.12 or newer so
I'm not totally sure what to believe.). OpenType features were added
in pango 1.18 (assuming I'm reading this correctly: Are
there known issues with making this the new minimum version?

Any pointers on where to start in lilypond code? I'll look into this a
bit this afternoon.

This is the lilypond issue: (What's the
new issue location? I couldn't find it in my quick searching and
lilypond still points to google code



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