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Re: git-cl documentation and issue #4666

From: James
Subject: Re: git-cl documentation and issue #4666
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:03:24 +0000
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Hello Paul

On 19/01/16 21:57, Paul Morris wrote:
> Hi James,
> I thought your CG edits in issue 4666 were a really helpful improvement:
> Did you intend to keep this git-cl info (install and configuration) in
> the 3.3.4 Commits and Patches section, so that it is repeated in both
> places?  Seems like 3.3.4 should now just link to 2.3 git-cl for
> install, update, and configuration instructions. 
Possibly, I would have to go back and check.
> (Currently one has to scroll past the install and configure section
> each time one consults the docs about how to create or upload a patch
> for review.)

Yes I suppose that is/could be true (I didn't check).

This checkin was a very large edit, and I in these cases I am careful
(hopefully) to *not* remove information from other sections at least at
first, but mainly because my intention was to try to consolidate some of
these subsections together and maybe merge one or two sections to make
it less intimidating to find information.

But it is better to have some duplication and then remove it after the
fact,  than accidentally remove information completely and forget to put
it back!


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