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Re: Mentors needed for GSoC suggestions

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: Mentors needed for GSoC suggestions
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 23:01:29 -0500

Hi Urs,

Well, David K mentored “MusicXML” last summer so he would surely qualify as a 
potential mentor if he wants to be listed as such.  David, what are your 
thoughts and your availability and interest for this summer?

Also, Janek was willing to mentor “Slurs and Ties” last summer, so he would be 
a potential mentor for that one.  I’d suggest contacting him directly if you 
haven’t yet.

I think the ideas list should cast a wide net.  While it would be ideal if we 
had mentors lined up for every project, the main thing is to get students to 
contact us and then proceed from there.  For example, if we have a really 
motivated and capable student, a secondary mentor might be willing to be a 
primary mentor, or maybe we can find a primary mentor at that point to make it 
happen (sometimes peoples plans change).  That’s why I like listing “Potential 
Mentors”.  It allows for more flexibility.

In short I’d rather a student contact us and then work on matching them up with 
a project and mentor, than have them not contact us because they liked a 
particular project but it was listed as not having a mentor.

So I see two possibilities: 

1. Add the new projects and re-sort the list so the projects with definite 
mentors are at the top and those currently without definite mentors are toward 
the bottom.  

2. Have two lists, one for projects with definite mentors for summer 2016, and 
one for the rest of the projects.  (The minor downside is then things have to 
be refreshed each year.)

The chord project that Carl describes sounds like a nice addition to me, as 
does your project on spanners crossing voices.


P.S. I don’t suppose it would be possible (and make sense) to do a joint 
project with Guile to work on LilyPond and Guile 2.0 interoperability?  Like 
with mentors from both projects.  I assume that would be too difficult a task 
at this point, at least I think that was the thinking last year.

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