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PATCHES: Countdown for February 2nd.

From: James Lowe
Subject: PATCHES: Countdown for February 2nd.
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 12:24:13 +0000
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Here is the current patch countdown list. The next countdown will be on
February 2nd.

A quick synopsis of all patches currently in the review process can be
found here:



4753 make select-head-glyph and note-head::calc-glyph-name more robust -
Thomas Morley

4749 Doc: Minor, superficial changes to CG, Extending, LM and - Simon Albrecht

4748 Provide text-replacements for äöüÄÖÜ - Simon Albrecht


4754 Web: Add GSoC entry for ScholarLY - Urs Liska

4752 Add ly:one-page-breaking - Paul Morris

4750 Web: edits to Google Summer of Code page - Paul Morris

4745 Add Staff.midiCC context property, refactor handling of MIDI
control changes - Heikki Tauriainen

Review: No Patches in Review at this time.

New: No New Patches at this time.


4600 Let notes/rests suppress multi-measure rest grobs - Dan Eble


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