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Fwd: MusicXML

From: David Garfinkle
Subject: Fwd: MusicXML
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 21:07:40 -0500

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a lovely new year. School has kept me busy, but I'm still
interested in continuing work on the MusicXML project that I started over
the summer. I just caught up in mailing-list readings for the topic, so I
think I'm correct in assuming that it hasn't been added to the code base
yet, or edited, and that I can continue working locally without risk of
re-doing work that has already been done by someone else.

I'm also thinking about doing another summer of GSoC, but am undecided on
what I should work on. I could continue with XML export, or I could work on
a different project suggestion. As far as I know from Urs' compilation,
there are three other project ideas (adding glyph variants, extending
ScholarLY library, and adding chord structures) which have a primary
mentor. On one hand, it would be beneficial to knock a more serious dent
into MusicXML and kick down the door for easier contribution. On the other
hand, it seems like the other three projects are less sprawling and it
would be nice to see a definite conclusion to an issue or idea. Thoughts?

In any event, I'm happy to continue working on MusicXML in whatever
capacity I am able.


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