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GSoC - ScholarLY

From: jeffery shivers
Subject: GSoC - ScholarLY
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 05:03:13 +0000 (UTC)
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Dear LilyPond team,

I'd like to apply for GSoC to contribute to ScholarLY as 
a student with Urs Liska.

I've been a user of LilyPond and LaTeX for a while now, 
and am intrigued by the ScholarLY/openLilyLib project. 
I have less familiar, but basic, understandings of Python 
and Scheme, from recreational practice.

I have an open calendar between late April and late 
August (minus two weeks in early August for the 
Darmstadt Summer Courses), and would like to commit 
my summer to pursuing any aspect(s) of the project that 
would advance its stability/usefulness.

I am a composer and graduate student (transitioning 
from MA to PhD), so my interest in the project is as a 
user who directly benefits from this.

If you could direct my next steps toward creating a 
proposal and applying, I'd be grateful.

Best wishes,


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