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Houston, we have a problem ...

From: James
Subject: Houston, we have a problem ...
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 08:32:55 +0000
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Since I installed/uninstalled and reinstalled the XeteX components I am
not able to make doc any more on my work server. Nor can I test patches
or merge staging.[1]

Because of .. err .. work, I haven't had time to debug this in any great
depth other than only to see that it fails on the same *.ly file each
time although I am just going by snippet names at the moment during the
make doc build, but the snippet name never changes.

So what I have had to do for now is kick my home server off to run merge
staging. I haven't touched this home server in regard to removing or
reinstalling software so I am hoping it is unaffected (it also runs a
different version of Linux compared to my work server, which means the
repos are different in case the removal/re-adding the software is repo
specific and some dependency get's broken (if you see what I mean?) but
I also didn't get a chance to see if my home server could make doc
successfully on it either and the problem was in fact global.

So this is why haven't been able to test any patches in the last 48
hours during the day.

I'll continue with the Patch Countdown emails shortly and then see if my
Home server has any problems merging or not, before we all start testing
locally ourselves.

I may get a chance to debug this tomorrow on my work server but
otherwise, and assuming my Home server is unaffected, Patch testing may
be sporadic.

Thanks for your understanding.


[1] I don't want to blame the XeTeX addition to our build process
necessarily. I was in the middle of trying to put back the software as
it was before I tested Hosoda-san's patch (making sure that we could
still make doc after uninstalling texlive-XeTeX) so that I could test
the patch as if a user didn't install the optional XeTeX.

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