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Re: Problem with staging?

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: Problem with staging?
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 08:36:38 +0000
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On 28/02/16 09:51, James Lowe wrote:

On 28/02/16 09:19, David Kastrup wrote:
James Lowe <address@hidden> writes:

On 28/02/16 08:43, James Lowe wrote:

Seems Hosoda-san's checkin is still in staging after 18 hours.

My build machine (where I run patchy merge) is in my office which I
don't currently have access to so I'll try to merge and push from
home (now) and see what the problem is.


OK, so there was no problem after all, apart from something going on
at the office (or on my build machine).
Maybe it doesn't have XeTeX installed?  But if I remember correctly, the
patch should in that case automatically fall back to PDFTeX.  So before
installing XeTeX (in case this was the problem) it would make sense to
figure out from logs etc what the problem was.

I'll check on Monday, although I did have XeTeX installed - the box at work is more powerful than the one at home so when I was testing all the make docs for this new patch it was easier to do it all from work.

It may be something benign like network issues or possibly even a power outage - my desktop at work is not a critical server so it won't be on any kind of UPS :) and all of my colleagues in the office have laptops so people often forget I even have a desktop meaning there is zero incentive to worry about this one 'grandpa box'.


As a general point though, should I continue to do my testing from now on with XeTex installed?

If it isn't a requirement for LP building and pdfTex is supposed to still work without it, would we be 'risking' unexpected problems if I have it installed while testing?

It seemed that this was because I had removed texlive-xetex - in order to test that 'configure' showed the correct information and warned me if I tried to run it without it installed.

However I really struggled to get any kind of successful doc compile even when I apt-get installed texlive-xetex again.

In the end I just removed my whole build env. and reinstalled it all again, but this time I didn't install texlive-xetex but just what is (currently) in the Contributor Guide, only because I think the expectation of Hosoda-san was that we should still be able to compile doc without XeTeX installed and the build scripts defaults to Pdf2Tex (if I have followed the threads on dev correctly?).

This is not the case.

It doesn't matter to me either way, but at the moment it seems that texlive-xetex is now *mandatory* and not optional. As most users that 'build' LilyPond will only build the binaries and not the Doc (or the website), then it probably won't be noticed but if this was not the expected behaviour then we need to 'fix' something, else we need now make texlive-xetext mandatory.




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