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Re: Yet Another GSoC Applicant

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: Yet Another GSoC Applicant
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 17:35:52 -0400

Greetings everyone and welcome to LilyPond Isaac!

I have started working on my application for GSoC, and having checked in with 
David Garfinkle and since there is currently no mentor for the MusicXML 
project,[0] I am basing my proposal on the idea of improving LilyPond’s 
internal chord structure.

Isaac David and David Garfinkle, I'd encourage you to go forward with your 
applications and we’ll let the LilyPond developers have the task of choosing 
between them if need be.  (My previous involvement with LilyPond may count 
against me in the sense that part of GSoC is the opportunity to recruit new 

For parity’s sake, I’ll introduce myself.  This semester I’m finishing writing 
my dissertation for my PhD in the humanities.  I have picked up programming 
over the years through self-study, starting with Javascript for websites and 
then later Firefox add-ons, and also learning Scheme and a little Python and 
C++ through working with LilyPond.  (One of my interests is alternative music 
notation systems and I learned Scheme primarily by writing code to extend 
LilyPond to support Clairnote music notation.[1])

Musically my primary instrument is acoustic guitar which I’ve played since high 
school, so I am familiar with chords and chord symbols.  I also like to sing 
and play the trumpet which I played in high school band.


[0] In the unlikely event that a mentor for MusicXML appears with enough time 
to spare before the application deadline on the 25th, I would try to submit 
another proposal based on the MusicXML project.  I see that Google allows 
students to submit up to 5 proposals.


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