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Re: How to update an LSR snippet (Was: Use a straight tick (single strai

From: tisimst
Subject: Re: How to update an LSR snippet (Was: Use a straight tick (single straight quote) for a breath mark)
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 14:13:59 -0700 (MST)


On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 11:59 AM, Paul Morris [via Lilypond] <
address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Abraham,
> See:
> Namely:
> Suggesting modifications or improvements to existing snippets
> You can only edit your own snippets. However, suggestions can be posted as
> a whole new snippet: for example, if you want to correct some errors in a
> snippet named “Adding simple notes”, just copy it and post a new snippet
> with the title: “Adding simple notes [corrected]”. This way, the LSR editor
> who will review your snippet will be able to replace the former one with
> yours, and remove the text between brackets.
> -Paul
Ah, yes. Thank you for re-pointing that out to me. I had read through the
contributing page, but forgot that part. I'll proceed that way.


> > On Mar 21, 2016, at 1:52 PM, Abraham Lee <[hidden email]
> <http:///user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=188772&i=0>> wrote:
> >
> > There's a lot about that snippet (LSR #195, and I imagine others) that I
> > think could really use an update/clean-up. I am wondering what the
> "policy"
> > is for updating existing snippets that I didn't create, if any? I've got
> an
> > LSR account already, so I'm happy to dive in and do it, but I can't seem
> to
> > change much as I'm not the original author).
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Abraham

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