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Re: [Feature Request] Align lyrics to middle of font 'x-height' instead

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: [Feature Request] Align lyrics to middle of font 'x-height' instead of baseline
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 18:41:14 +0100

On 23.03.2016 18:14, Abraham Lee wrote:
Dev Team,

I was wondering if you have any insight concerning the possibility
of/complications with changing the default Y-offset of LyricText to
be aligned on vertical center of the font's x-height. The Dynamics
characters do something similar already (roughly aligned on the vertical
center of Emmentaler's "m" glyph[1]), so why not lyrics? Seems like this
would bring a visual improvement over the current Y-offset of zero (i.e.,
the font's baseline).
I guess this might only be helpful when you want the lyrics to be
vertically centered between two staves (like in a hymnal)

Why would anybody want that? The lyrics should be placed between the skylines of the neighbouring lines, and I don’t see the point of any exact v-centering. If anything, Y-offset would be relevant for alignment with other items on or next to the lyrics line. I don’t know how alignment with LyricHyphen and LyricExtender is currently handled, and how that would play with your suggestion; the only other item I can think of now is StanzaNumber – which should of course normally have the same baseline as the LyricText.

Yours, Simon

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