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Re: [Feature Request] Make LSR #888 the default for calculating X-offset

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: [Feature Request] Make LSR #888 the default for calculating X-offset of lyrics with punctuation
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 20:50:52 +0100

2016-03-23 19:56 GMT+01:00 Abraham Lee <address@hidden>:
> Dev Team,
> I really appreciate LSR #888: Center Lyric Syllables (ignoring
> punctuation). Since most of what I engrave has lyrics, I can't think of any
> reason why I wouldn't want this to be on all the time. Is it possible that
> such a situation exists where I wouldn't want the punctuation to be
> ignored? Perhaps, but I'd dare say they are much less likely.
> Not sure how much more work would be needed to incorporate it officially,
> but I'm wondering if this can be considered for inclusion into the core
> code.
> Thanks!
> - Abraham

Hi Abraham,

there are at least two recent threads where
and problems with it are discussed:

Apart from the problems which happen while aligning to Voice vs
NullVoice this snippet creates a bunch of stencils, just to compare
their extents and then throws them away.
I don't think we want such code in the source.
Otoh, it may be worth to think about a better approach for that feature...


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