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Re: GSoC: MusicXML export

From: John Gourlay
Subject: Re: GSoC: MusicXML export
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 22:56:08 -0400

David, et al.,

An interesting test of both MusicXML export and import would be to make the 
round trip and see what errors result. There is already a set of MusicXML files 
for testing in input/regression/musicxml. Each of these could be converted to 
LilyPond using musicxml2ly and then back to XML using the MusicXML export. 
Checking for error messages would be an easy first step; checking for 
significant differences between the two XML files would be harder but still 

Unfortunately, I’m still working on musicxml2ly, incorporating the changes made 
in the Philomelos project. A little bit at a time I'm correcting errors 
produced by the Philomelos version processing these same XML files. Maybe if 
you tell me when you might be ready to do this kind of testing this will 
motivate me to complete a version of musicxml2ly that you can use.

John Gourlay

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