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issue 4812: fix broken external links (issue 294880043 by address@hidden

From: fedelogy
Subject: issue 4812: fix broken external links (issue 294880043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:25:20 +0000

Reviewers: ,

issue 4812: fix broken external links

Basically I've used the following command:

git grep -l <old-string> | xargs sed -i 's|<old-string>|<new-string>|g'

The | separator allows not to have to escape the slashes in URLs.

Please review this at

Affected files (+150, -150 lines):
  M Documentation/ca/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/cs/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/de/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/es/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/es/web/news.itexi
  M Documentation/fr/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/hu/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/it/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/ja/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/nl/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/web/introduction.itexi
  M Documentation/web/news.itexi
  M Documentation/zh/web/introduction.itexi

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