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Re: fondu fails on newer OS X versions

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: fondu fails on newer OS X versions
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2016 23:10:30 +0000
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On 4/3/16 4:15 PM, "Andrew Bernard" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Hi Thomas et al.,
>While I was helping Mats look into this I noticed the same point. The
>defect means you can¹t even use a basic system font like Times in a font
>name override in markup on the Mac.

Can you use LaTeX fonts on El Capitan?

>Given that fondu is moribund, does this topic need to go the development
>list for discussion? Are there other tools that can be used instead of
>fondu that are currently maintained? Basing lilypond core code on
>unmaintained libraries for such important
> functionality such as font rendering in this type of use case does not
>seem robust.

I think you are right.  We need to discuss this on the developer list.  It
seems we have a few options:

1) Get George Williams to fix fondu
2) Get somebody on the LilyPond team to take over maintenance of fondu
3) Put a fork of fondu into the lilypond source tree and take over
maintenance of the fork
4) Find an alternative utility that provides us the same functionality
5) Write our own utility to get the same functionality

It seems like we almost have a patch prepared, thanks to Mats's work.  So
we could probably fork it if need be.  But I'd sure rather have George
apply all the pending patches plus ours, and just release a new version.

>What to do? In any case, a bug should be raised for lilypond don¹t you
>think, even though this is an external program? If nothing else, others
>who encounter it will be able to search for it.

I agree.  We need a bug posted.



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